Brandon Payne All Access Shooting Clinic
"Every time I talk to Brandon, he has a new idea. He has a new thought. He has a new plan of attack. He has something different that makes me think."
-Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Amazing praise from some championship coaches
"Brandon is one of the best trainers out there. When it comes to hand-eye coordination, two-ball dribbling, shooting, conditioning and the different shots on the floor that he focuses on."
Trae Young | Atlanta Hawks
"Steph Curry’s superpower is his elite level of fitness. Brandon Payne is the mastermind behind his basketball and conditioning. Steph is an exceptional learner and doer all year round. Remember your habits determine your success, and you control your habits."
Paul Biancardi | ESPN
"I enjoyed the clinic because I was able to learn the amount of focus and pace I needed to work with when working out. Mr. Brandon helped me understand that too much workload can hinder growth and understanding the point when I need to listen to my body. The knowledge from the clinic was something I can continue to implement throughout my career."
Jamail Pink | Point Guard Detroit Mercy
"Brandon possesses one of the most innovative minds in the basketball shooting and training space. He demonstrates in real time critical yet overlooked concepts in training with respect to neurological overload, rest, overtraining and the proprioception fundamentals necessary to develop his world-renowned clients."
Muhammad Mansour MS, ND | Naturopathic Doctor
Watch how Brandon Payne improves basketball players 

Unleash your true basketball and shooting potential with hours of exclusive content that will transform your basketball skills from ordinary to extraordinary. This is your golden ticket to learn the secrets behind Stephen Curry's iconic shooting prowess, straight from the man who crafted it – Brandon Payne.

What was The Brandon Payne Shooting Clinic?

 The Brandon Payne Shooting Clinic was a live event. The clinic was designed for coaches, parents, and trainers dedicated to helping their players achieve shooting excellence.

The event was a chance to tap into the expertise of Brandon Payne, the renowned basketball development specialist behind the success of the legendary Stephen Curry.

In this immersive on-court experience, Payne dove into a range of crucial topics, including shooter activations, the fusion of strength and performance, the art of effective workouts, ball handling, player learning behaviors, and much more.

This clinic was open to a diverse audience, welcoming coaches, trainers, parents and anyone eager to expand their basketball knowledge.

Now it is available for you!

Get ready to elevate your understanding of shooting dynamics and bring out the best in yourself or your players with a one of a kind video series available for digital download just for you.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from one of the most innovative and effective basketball shooting coaches and trainers in the world.
Features and Benefits
Masterclass Instruction
Dive deep into the art and science of shooting with Brandon Payne's expert guidance. Each video is crafted to elevate your understanding of technique, form, and strategy, ensuring you develop a deadly shot like never before.
Proven Drills and Exercises
Transform your player development with a vast array of drills designed to hone your shooting skills. From fundamentals to advanced techniques, Brandon Payne's carefully curated exercises will have you hitting shots with pinpoint accuracy.

Progressive Learning
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, our series is structured to meet you at your skill level and progressively challenge you. Watch your game evolve as you move through the carefully crafted lessons.

Exclusive Insights
Gain exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into Stephen Curry's training drills and regimen. Understand the mindset, dedication, and habits that set an elite shooter and player apart.
In-Depth Analysis
Brandon Payne provides in-depth commentary that gives you unparalleled insights into the mind of a shooting maestro. Steph Curry, Trae Young, Michael Porter Jr. to name a few have all benefited from this expertise.
Lifetime Access
Own the key to unlocking your shooting potential with lifetime access to the entire video series. Whether you're at home, on the court, or traveling, your training goes with you.
What makes these all access practice videos different from the rest?

The Brandon Payne video series showcases one of the NBA's top player coach's holistic approach to player development.  The combination of an in-depth discussion of the overriding philosophy and structure behind what he does, coupled with the demonstration of practical drills and skills and how they complement each other makes the Brandon Payne video series stand apart from other shooting clinics or player development videos you have seen.

Throughout the series Coach Payne challenges coaches to build and expand on the principles presented while offering a guided roadmap of how the exercises and skill sessions can be layered and combined.  By getting to the 'why' behind almost every exercise and movement, Coach Payne demonstrates how coaches can use the tools presented to design highly individualized workouts for players.

The deliberate targeting and improvement of the neuro-cognitive elements in player development are a singular and special focus of the Brandon Payne series.

Coach Payne shows how virtually every aspect of a player development program can be scaled up or down depending on the existing skill level of the player involved.  The importance of player movement, thoracic mobility, and core strength are unique areas of focus that are not found in other programs.

Who is Brandon Payne?

As a basketball player development specialist, Brandon Payne is renowned for his self-curated training methods that are responsible for the success of some of the game's most elite athletes. Most notably, 4x NBA champion, 2x NBA MVP (the only unanimous MVP in NBA history), 1X Finals MVP, and 9x NBA All-Star Stephen Curry sits atop the extensive roster of impressive clientele. Curry, a twelve-year client of Payne's, said, "Every time I talk to him, he has a new idea. He has a new thought. He has a new plan of attack. He has something different that makes me think."

Since training his first client in 1996, Payne has developed and refined a unique, elaborate workout program combining strength, speed, agility, and skill work into one efficient session aimed at producing a more innovative and intelligent model of basketball player development. His success led to the founding of Accelerate Basketball Training, an elite basketball training center catering to all talent levels. For more than two decades, Payne has personally trained over 100 NBA, WNBA, and international athletes, with his work profiled in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today,, Bleacher Report, NBA TV, and many others.

Payne, the son of a basketball coach, grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, with basketball at the center of his childhood. Early on, Payne knew he wasn't destined to be a professional basketball player but was determined to remain involved. The first taste of player development came in high school when Payne worked out a few younger athletes on Charlotte's AAU team. His next opportunity materialized as a college basketball coach for his alma mater, Wingate University, from 2000-2002. This experience led Payne to a pivotal realization - he possessed more of a knack for developing players than for coaching them. At this point, he began blending strength and conditioning with basketball skills into an efficient workout, creating more room for all other responsibilities a student-athlete has during the day (schoolwork, nutrition, weight room, studying film, etc..).

Since he began working out his first NBA players in 2011, Payne's goal has remained the same - to make a more efficient and effective basketball player with an accelerated learning model. After mastering an in-depth understanding of all functions/movements of the body and creating drills that refined those, he began incorporating technology into his workouts to train decision-making, athlete recovery, and neuromuscular efficiency, always using the most recent technology (currently VR experience and percussion therapy).

Before working with a new player, Payne goes through an extensive onboarding process, a deep dive, and an assessment of the player's skills, areas of improvement, personality, and work ethic. From there, Payne works meticulously to create a custom roadmap design for player improvement, dissecting their movement characteristics (ensuring they are operating joint by joint with integrity) and identifying necessary adjustments for skill acquisition.

Payne's expertise and methods have integrated into different avenues of basketball, including The Underrated Tour, Accelerate Basketball, youth training camps, and more. He also works closely with Under Armour's sports science team, contributing insight to create a more effective product design process. With Payne's passion focused solely on basketball skill training, he continues to work with a select handful of players and strategically partners with experts in relevant fields, such as nutritionists and physical therapists, to ensure each client receives a well-rounded experience. Every day for Payne is a challenge to improve as a trainer and obtain new information to expand his offerings to players.

Get never before access to the basketball drills, mindset and training ideas from Steph Curry’s trainer Brandon Payne.
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What's in Each Video?
Brandon Payne Clinic Video #1

Learn the philosophy of Brandon Payne when working with players and the player development process. From the opening minutes of the video, Brandon combines his high IQ  and attention to detail to demonstrate what's most important for player development and ways to improve players' movement fluidity.

Brandon moves between stationary and dynamic drills and demonstrates how the consistency of body strength and conditioning is crucial for players to be fluid and stable to be able to shoot more effectively.

This video is an inside look into how Brandon sets up the building blocks of player development. Coaches will gain valuable insights into how to maximize time and efficiency in this process by observing how Coach Brandon identifies and makes corrections during drills and shooting/dribbling exercises to promote movement fluidity and emphasizes that each player is different and there will be mechanical variance.

Key player development skills and concepts covered in this video include:
Having and understanding an overall player development philosophy
Ways to help eliminate players limitations (physical, mental & conditioning)
Importance of activations and movement patterns

See where it all starts for a player development process with building and incorporating important key movement solutions and variability to help build the foundation of a great functional shooter.

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Brandon Payne Clinic Video #2

Video #2 of the Brandon Payne clinic video expands on the previous philosophy and identifying the limitations of the player followed up with action steps and road mapping as you progress with the player development process.

The video starts with Brandon talking about the importance of tracking and having metrics (measurable metrics) with actionable items. You’ll see how these important pieces of information can help with building players’ confidence and having reference points to improvement or areas that still need it.

Inviting players on to the court, Brandon shows how to build on the foundation of body strength, core stability and shooting mobility by adding in neurocognitive stimulation. Showcasing some drills you can use with your players to help overload the athlete’s brain, movement patterns and skill.

Coaches will learn how to construct and use different drills to:

Find Corrective Actions and Road Mapping
Understand the importance of confidence and how to build confident shooters
Teaching players to be able to shoot at all three levels
Identify what key elements are needed in an effective workout

This video is a unique opportunity to see practical ideas in action.  Seeing the mix and pacing of individual and team drills will help make your own practices more effective and raise the level of your coaching.

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Brandon Payne Clinic Video #3

Video #3 consists of more practical and comprehensive drills with added detail. Brandon builds on previous practices adding overloading exercises, more random and variable shooting activities and how to couple-decouple the drills to suit the challenge and needs of the player.

In a run through of a series of shooting drills from different ranges and spots, adding in dynamic shooting, adding dribble moves and different pick up points. This video will help coaches add to their shooting drill book and have the teachable moments to add specific information.

Brandon reinforces the basics when it comes to footwork - having your “tripod” as reminder of stability and balance, also playing to the pace of the information you're perceiving when doing stimuli activities with additional balls and visual cues, etc. Brandon also expands on being flexible as a coach and that we must always be learning and always adding things. And he expands on if you keep doing things the way you've always done it then that's the ‘Death of Innovation’.

Some of the important aspects of this session coaches can observe in action:

Adding ball handling with a purpose
Overloading a drill/skill to stretch neurocognitive stimulation
How to add and mix in skills to shooting workouts
Always find ways to be creative and do new things

Whether it’s a shooting drill, a passing drill or game-like action, you get to see what Brandon focuses on to drive focused improvement. Throughout the practice, his use of praise and correction during live action minimizes stoppages and assures that the emphasis remains on the players learning by doing and adjusting.

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Brandon Payne Clinic Video #4

This video expands on the practical shooting drills and examples. Teaching coaches the importance of shooting with the pressure of time and score as well as mindset when it comes to identifying how you miss and making live adjustments.

What's included in this video:

Multiple shooting drill examples with how to teach and keep score
The purpose of mixing and how to use this with players
The importance of adding lateral movement for shots
Understanding pace and how this can be individualized due to players individual limitations in this area
Reminder of the daily process
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Brandon Payne Clinic Video #5

Brandon Payne opens the session up to Q&A allowing participants and coaches to dive deep into some ideas and thoughts.

Finishing up, Brandon notes the progress his players have made and reminds them about the importance of deliberate practice and building habits as the way to get better. Video #5 summarizes all the points covered throughout the clinic, reminding coaches that we are here to serve our players and having open dialogue and communication with them throughout the process is key. These videos are great for inspiring coaches and giving them a roadmap to teach better shooters.

In a very special post-clinic Q&A, Coach Payne responds directly to coaches' questions on topics such as:
Insightful tips on how to talk to, coach, and encourage player buy-in when improving their skills
Best practices for coming back from an injury - what to do and what not to do
How to maximize the use of equipment and technology like shooting machines and shooting systems
Get never before access to the basketball drills, mindset and training ideas from Steph Curry’s trainer Brandon Payne.
$119.99 USD
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